Glass Houses From Around the World

There’s something incredibly mysterious and dramatic about the look of a glass house. Although the entirety of the building may not actually be made of glass, the floor to ceiling windows of any style house give an extra bit of bold beauty that traditional homes cannot recreate. Let’s take a look at some amazing glass houses from around the world for inspiration, interest and just for the mere sake of loving architecture.

1. A German Escape.

This home is modern but still very livable. Opening up to the living and dining room areas, guests get a great view of the yard in an extra special way.

2. An Italian Shape.

A glass house, with a unique shape built in a beautiful country, is something to be inspired by. One great thing about this house, you definitely don’t have to think about hallway, wall decor anytime soon!

3. A Singapore Spirit.

Take a good look at this glass beauty. Made for fit four families, across three generations, this house is not necessarily easy on the eyes, but definitely design-worthy in all facets.

4. A Connecticut Coop.

This isn’t the traditional New England home, it’s so much better. Why not be able to see through all sides of your house when you’re view is some cozy and relaxing?

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5. A New Netherlands.

This gorgeous building is a real-life glass house, with tinted blue walls and a lovely shape. It’s such a modern, beautiful home that it’s hard not to dream about living in something that looks so unrealistic.

6. A California Paradise.

This glass-inspired house is a beautiful mansion, but it should also be praised not only for it’s size but it’s beauty. It’s still traditional enough to be a comfy home but the large windows make it a bold, daring way to live.

7. A Texas Hideaway.

Yes, it has the glass house vibe that makes people interested, yet a bit nervous to step inside. But it also has a unique, vibrant shape that give it a futuristic, artistic appeal.

8. A Copenhagen Crib.

The walls were made of old windows and the entire home is made of recycled pieces. It’s stunning, it’s functional and completely inspiring.

9. A Long-Island Layout.

My favorite of the bunch, this house has a feminine appeal and a bit of delicate features that most glass houses fail to meet. The white accents make this the most fun of the entire collection.

10. A Tokyo Turnout.

We love the boxy feel of this glass inspiration. And we love how it fits nicely into the neighborhood and although it doesn’t stand out in a colorful way, it stands out for design-worthy reasons.

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