Glass Facade Garage/Residence in São Paulo

An entire room from a house made of glass is a much lighted one and that gives you the impression that you are outside in every moment. You just have to raise your head and you see the sky. Imagine the nights when you try to sleep counting the stars, and the mornings when the rain wakes you up. This amazing garage in Sao Paolo doesn’t look like a regular one. Made for a Maserati fan, this 1290 square foot garage/residence was designed by Brunete Fraccaroli in 2001. But, still with a contemporary look today, this residence looks amazing and would fit in any century. The house looks very modern and luxurious because of his amazing project. You can see inside the well decorated home, but it has the benefit of being surrounded by trees, bushes and a big fence.

Even though the garage was made for the car, it also covers a part of the house. You can see the well placed furniture like in a doll-house. But, the most impressive thing is the garage door that is also made from glass. This live-in garage is the perfect place to spend your summer enjoying nature and the amazing views.

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Of course, the room is not all made by glass. It has the necessary walls but they tried to use more glass than for a usual house. It is an amazing home and a very fancy one. The owners must be very proud of their investment. And I am sure that the visitors appreciate it as well.



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