Glass And Steel Contemporary House Built As A Tribute To The Past

This is house Varanda, a building located in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It belongs to the granddaughter of architect Sergio Bernandes. She wanted the house to be reminiscent of Casa Lota which het grandfather designed in 1950 so certain elements from that original project were incorporated into the new project (the ceilings for example).

There are also other challenges that the team had to overcome. For example, the client wanted to preserve the old trees on the site so the house had to be designed in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the trees. The house occupies an area of 140 square meters on a site that measures 1,123 square meters.

The construction was completed n 2007 and the architect responsible for the design was Carla Iuacaba. The house divides the site into two parts and the glass walls allow views on both sides. In the center is the living room and the rest of the rooms are at the ends of the building. The living area can be opened and it becomes a sort of terrace.

Building the house was not a long process. The steel structure was built in 15 days and the zinc-aluminum tiles took only one day to install. The house is suspended off the ground because of the location. Here, below the mountain, floods are quite common.

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