Get the air of the garden in the Ginan House

I know that everybody loves to spend more time in the open air, feel free and enjoy the fresh air. Those that have a house and a garden too seem to be the lucky ones. Everyday they can come out in the garden, admire the beautiful flowers or surroundings or take advantage of this area and arrange it as they want.The owner of the Ginan House, located in Hashima-gun, Gifu, Japan was inspired by the openness and freedom that a garden reflects and asked Keitaro Muto Architects to design him this type of modern house which seem to look like a garden.

The exterior of the house is covered in gravel like the block that has the shape of a wedge with outward sloping walls. Its privacy and peaceful atmosphere are provided by its position. You can find it at the back of a long and narrow site, behind a gravel garden, away from the street. The building has two overlapping blocks that are separated by a small swimming pool.

One of the blocks houses two bedrooms and a staircase, while in the other one you can find the third bedroom, a living and dining room. At the first floor of the building, if you cross a metal bridge you can get access to a walk-in-closet and a small toilet. The whole house has a dynamic shape, its interiors are completely white and everything seems a game of shadows and lights to the openings that appear all over the place and the sloping walls. Everything is modern and the kitchen or the bathroom is just two examples and you may have the feeling that you are at the board of a space ship due to its unusual and sculptural shape.{found on dezeen}.

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