Geometrical house design in Belgium

This intriguing structure is a private residence located in Ghent, Belgium. It’s a one-storey property that was designed by Ghent-based design studio Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu. It was completed in 2011 and it has a very interesting and futuristic design. It’s called House BM and it’s a minimalist residence with a certain flair to it.

As the architects say, the house has a very simple structure that consists of two concrete slabs, kept at a distance from each other by concrete plates. The design of the external structure also dictates the internal design of the house. It’s immediately apparent that this is a contemporary home. As in most contemporary designs, House BM features large windows that let in lots of natural light but, most importantly, create a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Not only that the house has large windows but it in fact features a number of 18 glass windows. These glass walls delimitate the indoor and outdoor areas but, given the material, they also connect them and create a smooth transition between these spaces. Notice the very simple and geometrical design of the house. It’s not just for the look but also to create functional internal structure. The house was designed in a way that allowed the creation of an internal courtyard. It can be accessed from any part of the house and it provides beautiful and quiet views.{pics by Filip Dujardin.}.

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