Geometric Residence Featuring A Modern Interior Design

Maison E3 or the E3 House is a contemporary residence located in Montréal, Canada. It covers a surface of 300 square meters and has a contemporary design and a very serene interior. The house was designed by Natalie Dionne and completed in 2012.The E3 house was designed as a private residence but also as a gathering place and inspirational space for the clients. It benefits from a great location, near the popular Jean-Talon Market in Montreal.

The owners are a family with great attachment to this particular neighborhood. The parents work in theatre, film and television while the children are young adults. Given these facts, the house needed to be a flexible space. As a result, the architects designed this very serene interior with a simple and airy atmosphere and a touch of luxury.

The exterior of the house is very simple as well. The geometry of the building given it a highly modern appearance and the large windows create a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The building has huge windows on two sides, the east and west walls. This orientation was based on the source of light and the fact that the owners wanted this house to be airy and bright. The interior is divided into two volumes by a central 12-meter-high atrium. The house has six rooms in total and they are all on different levels. There’s also a mezzanine studio and a terrace views of Mount Royal.{found on archdaily and pics by Marc Cramer}.

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