Garage Turned Into a House by Lanefab

In an effort to increase density in some of its neighborhoods, the city of Vancouver allowed home owners to replace their garages with laneway houses. The Mendoza Lane House was the first of its kind and was designed by Lanefab.

Completed in early 2010 this house is built on a 33’x122′ plot and occupies the same space as the garage it replaced. The materials used were manufactured locally, and because of this the house has local style and personality. Built with Structural Insulated Panels, this beautiful home is more energy efficient than a normal house.

The space combines living, dining and kitchen areas and also features a balcony. The house is kept simple, with light colors, in order to give it an airy, big feel. Although it is a rather small property it has everything you could possibly need.

All in all the Mendoza Lane House does not present a huge plot, but it is a very attractive home and the architects used the space very good.


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