Futuristic residential building: V Tower by Meridian 105 Architecture

It’s hard to believe that this incredible structure is actually a residential building block. It’s really an incredible building. The most impressive thing about it is the size and, of course, the design. It has a spiral design that really makes it stand out, not that it didn’t anyway.

The V Tower is located in Denver, Colorado and it was designed by Meridian 105 Architecture. Actually, this project includes more than just the tower. At the base there’s a restaurant, retail and, of course, the parking structure. There’s also a park that acts as a purification filter. That’s because the tower benefits from a very innovative irrigation strategy that uses water from alternative sources like the air conditioners or the dryers used for laundry plus all the appliances. The water is purified and it goes into a storage tank so that it can be used for irrigation.

The project started in 2011 and it’s estimated to be completed in 2014. It sound very ambitious and if the results are as anticipated it’s going to be a very luxurious residence structure. If you want to live in there you should probably think about it before the project is finished. The design is definitely impressive and the irrigation system is very clever and eco-friendly. Also, the 68,406 sf parking area is something to be thankful for.

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