Futuristic house with space age design

This is a futuristic house that one would feel for advancing in the time and space with all comfort. This is the combined effort of Japanese and Far East traditional experience. The ceiling embossed your artistic/romantic fantasies. It is like a jewel in the surrounding atmosphere with special material encompassing all the beauty and strength in it with challenging abstract artistic talent.

You will love to show, to see and to live in this angular unique house. The interior matches the space age. This is the house recommended for the only people who knows what individualism is and are individuals.

This house gives you more than a place to live, a place to take refuge, a place to retreat and a place to refill. A place you can find yourself energized and that is not the only qualities we want to claim because this you can get almost every standard house but we go beyond this basic needs. We have built this house to satisfy your emotional, your physical, your romantic, your idealistic and cultural advanced needs to fulfill.


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