Functional yet bohemian apartment in the heart of Soho

It’s not easily combining a functional design with a bohemian and chic décor and creating a perfect balance yet it’s still possible and there’s more than one way of achieving that. Take this apartment for example. Situated in the heart of Soho, in New York City, this place is simple but gorgeous. It contains three large bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a laundry room and a media room/ home office. The space is nicely compartmentalized and it suits a modern and practical lifestyle.

The apartment is situated in a beautiful building with elevator and doorman. The interior design is simple, chic and elegant. All rooms feature beautiful hardwood floors with dark finishes. The living area is spacious, featuring white walls that contrast with the dark floor and an overall minimalist décor. It’s part of an open floor plan which also contains the dining area, beautifully placed in front of the fireplace.

The kitchen is also spacious and fully-equipped. There’s a total interior space of 3,305 square feet so it’s a spacious condo. Add to that the stylish interior and you get the perfect family home. We particularly enjoy the color palette and the way the finishes form contrasts but also create an overall harmonious look.

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