Fun and modern train station in Alicante, Spain

If you ever travel to Alicante, Spain, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised when you get out of the train and find yourself in this modern and unusual train station created by Subarquitectura. I actually find this station very funny because it looks like a piece of cheese with all those holes. The holes are actually there with a purpose: to allow for some air and light get through and to create a very nice and artistic image during the night. Of course, when it’s raining outside, you might not find them so funny after all.

This particular train station is actually pretty busy and crowded. It’s the places where all the coastal towns connect. The train station is divided into two different structures. They have the same dimensions: 36 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2.5 meters in height. When you find yourself in a beautiful and fun place like this one, it’s not such an impediment having to wait until the train comes.

It’s actually pleasant. You get a chance to admire the whole place and to rest on a bench. I would like to go there just to get a chance to seat underneath the cheese-like structure. It’s been a really good investment. The train station is modern, attractive, fun and pleasant. It allows the passengers to have a good time and a pleasant place to sit while waiting for their train.

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