Fully-equipped penthouse with magnificent views of the Brisbane River

Each person has a different image in mind when it comes to describing their dream home. However, a retreat or a vacation home is a whole different story. The majority would agree that this stunning penthouse is the perfect retreat. It combines a variety of stunning features and the panoramic and magnificent views of the Brisbane River is the most impressive one.

Apart from the extraordinary views, the penthouse has lots of other great things to offer. It was designed by Mirvac and it includes 4 bedrooms, large balconies, two bathrooms and spacious living spaces. In addition the luxury top floor apartment is just gorgeous. Of course, there’s also a spa, a pool and a gym. It has everything one could ask for and more.

The overall design is simple, modern and luxurious. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer spectacular views and let in all the natural light which emphasizes the elegance of the interior décor. The furniture is stylish, chic, modern and comfortable. Of course, all this beauty also comes with a functional side. A variety of storage areas solve a major problem and formal and informal areas offer each person the opportunity to enjoy their favorite activities.

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