Full remodeling and extension of a detached 1950’s villa

In England there are so many houses which can be renovated and used for different purposes. For example, Donna Gray found in No. 5 Dyke Road, a 176 square meters 1950’s villa perfect for one of its projects. She saw there an opportunity to design the ideal contemporary family home for herself and her 18 year old son, Jordan using ecological materials and creating the perfect balance between textures and environment. With a budget of £250,000, she transformed the 176 square meters building surface into a 277 square meters new house with plenty of white surfaces and elegant decorations.

Outside, the house has a private backyard covered with thick lawn and decorated with interesting, small plants. It is covered with wood which in time create the impression of an old, traditional house, a place where a family can spend beautiful moments and enjoy what the house has to offer. The interior is very simple decorated; Donna Gray, the owner of this beautiful villa was also the person who was busy decorating the house and creating the patterns of all the bespoke furniture.

The living area is decorated in a contemporary style, taking into account the tastes of both residents of the house. The floors are made of stained concrete, which match perfectly the furniture and the colors used for decorations and finishes. Big sliding glass doors make the connection between interior spaces and outdoor areas, where the property is separated with a tall wooden fence from the public spaces. Because the owner wanted to have a private design studio at home, the construction was built so that this area is both separated from the house, but also linked from it in a way to be easily accessible.{found on archdaily}.

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