Full-Concrete Cabin Inspired By An Old Barn In The Swiss Alps

This is Refugi Lieptgas, a cabin you can find in Graubünden, in the Swiss Alps, between the village and the wood. From a distance, it looks very much like a traditional wooden cabin. However, as you advance to take a closer look, you realize you couldn’t have been more wrong. What looks like a wooden hut is in fact a concrete house.

The cabin looks so deceiving because its design was actually inspired by that of an old barn which used to be on that property. It’s an homage to the past, something to remind the owners of what used to be there before they transformed the place. In any case, this is why this modern concrete cabin looks like an old hut when in fact things are very different. It all becomes clear once you step inside and see the minimalist, contemporary design.

The concrete cabin serves as a holiday home for its owners. It’s an unusual getaway although it can be quite romantic. Completed in 2013, the cabin has a modern look. The interior design is minimalist but the overall atmosphere is somewhat reminiscent of the coziness which characterizes wooden huts. This can be easily explained.

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This house is in fact a kind of fossilized, concrete version of the old barn previously existent here, of course, modernized to suit the current needs of its users. I really love the combinations of textures and materials and the way concrete interacts with everything.



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