From press office to private home in Amsterdam

This contemporary residence doesn’t have that pop that most similar homes have but in this case history also had a say into it. The building was originally a press office. The exterior has been preserved almost entirely and it has a rather sad look. However, it doesn’t interfere with the overall design of the residence. In fact, the building’s history influences many of the architectural elements from the new design.

The building was converted into a four-story residence by BogermanDill. It’s located in Amsterdam and it has been beautifully renovated. The architect decided to preserve many of the original details such as the wooden floors, the low ceilings or the l-beams. However, the internal structure was quite drastically changed. In order to connect all four levels of the house, a large void was created in the center. It was an uncommon choice but also a bold decision, like in the case of most contemporary homes.

The first floor is linked to the second by a wooden staircase with no balustrade. From there, a floating staircase provides access to the third floor of the house. The designs of the staircases were chosen in order to allow for a continuous design to be created and to maintain the same direction imposed by the open-plan. The top floor is split in two by the central void and the two rooms are connected by a floating bridge made of steel beams.

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