From an old barn to a modern residece with swimming pool on the first level

The house was designed by Subhash Mukerjee and Michele Bonino in collaboration with Lucia Baima, Mi-jung Kim and Tommaso Rocca. The house had an existing space of 95 sqm. The house was extended up to 260 sqm. In the same property you have a garden which has 270 sqm. Other measures of the home: office 85 sqm, terrace + swimming pool 39 sqm and one part that is under construction 190 sqm.

The house is extremely spacious. It has two floors. On the second floor the house has a beautiful morning terrace, where you can stretch and watch the sun rise. Stepping inside from the terrace you will find a beautiful pool. The house has big windows and that allows fresh light to enter the rooms. I also like that fresh air can rotate from the ground floor to the second floor because of the big windows that can open.

On the ground floor you have a fake turf yard. It gives the look of a golf place. The colors are very alive so the place will cheer you up immediately. On the ground floor there is a wooden table and seats where you can take your meal and enjoy the weather outside. The floors are painted yellow. At the pool the window that goes outside can be retracted. In this way you will feel that you are at the beach. Perfectly made for parties with your friends or family.{found on designboom}.

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