From an abandoned stable to a modern residence

This dreamy residence is located in the province of Caceres in Spain. It’s a very lovely home that covers an area of 322 square meters on a 5 ha lot. It has a modest exterior design but that’s only because it was built using recycled stone, steel and concrete. The interior, however, is much more friendly and inviting.

The ‘estate in Extremadura’ was a project by Abadon. The interior also benefited from some help from Batavia for the furniture. This is a beautiful single family residence that benefits from an ideal positioning. Sitting within amazing landscape, this residence benefits from splendid views of the forest and the nature surrounding it. The house used to be an abandoned stable until Madrid-based firm Abadon turned it into this wonderful family home. It now has a contemporary design and it’s much more friendly-looking.

During the renovation, structural changes have been. What once used to be haylofts have been transformed into bedrooms. The décor has definitely been changed. The house is also environmentally-friendly. Besides the recycled materials it uses, it also gets electricity from two streams that are passing through the property. Additional small turbines have also been installed. The water is diverted into a fountain within an open-air interior courtyard as well as a larger storage pond.

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The building features an elongated southern façade that lets natural light get through throughout the entire day. It also has stone walls that are solid and strong while also creating a unique décor. The walls have been structurally supplemented with metal pillars for support. The rustic exterior décor has been preserved.{found on designboom and pics by belen imaz}



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