From a store to a minimalist residence

This minimalist and intriguing residence is located in Rua das folhas soltas, Colares – Sintra. It was a project by Frederico Valsassina Arquitecto. The project was designed in 2005 and the residence was completed in 2006. The house sits on a 150 square meter construction area. The project included the transformation of an already existing space as well as some additional changes. The architects had the mission to transform a space that once served as storage and to turn it into a guest house. The pre-existing structure had a very simple design.

It was a minimalist structure with a sloping roof. In order to maintain the same look, the architects designed the extensions of the house following the same design. The current residence now includes a series of two and a half such structures.

Besides the design that had to be preserved, the architects were also concerned with the indoor-outdoor connection. The inhabitants needed privacy but they also wanted to be able to enjoy the outdoor areas. As a result, a dialogue was created between the two zones. The two almost identical structures serve as a guest house and respectively main house. The materials were the same and this was important because the structures needed to have a uniform look. Because the house is surrounded by pine trees, the architects decided to add an artistic touch and they played with the varied shades produced by the trees and that are reflected on the houses.{found on archdaily and pics by João Carmo Simões}.

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