From a deteriorated house to a modern residence

This is Casa RO, a beautiful residence originally built in the 60’s. The house has been recently restored and was turned into a more modern residence but still featuring the same structure. The restoration of the house was a project conducted by Elías Rizo Suárez and Alejandro Rizo Suárez from Elías Rizo Arquitectos.The residence is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The architects worked with collaborators Pablo Alexanderson, Rossana Valdivia, Jorge Verdín, Jenny Mora, Paola Hernández, Alma Osnaya, Jenny Camarena, Gabriela Chávez, Roberto Contreras and Carlos Miramontes and together they managed to this old house into a fresh and modern home. The interior design was created by Ana Laura Oroz and Interiorismo Colectivo and the whole project took place in 2010.

The residence occupiers a total area of 620 square meters. It sits is a beautiful residential area and it dates back to the 60’s.It has a simple design, with straight lines and functional interior structure. It features durable and strong materials and representative architecture. The architects were asked to restore the house while preserving the essence. The house was deteriorated and in pretty bad shape. Some of the adjacent areas had to be demolished. However, almost all the original flooring on the ground floor was preserved.

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The house needed to meet the owners’ needs. They’re a young couple who love architecture. The house features two main volumes. There’s the double height foyer and the terraces. The first one has been restored and the terrace has become the space where the family spends most of the day. It’s a warm and inviting home with beautiful architecture. The restoration process included the use of few basic materials. The façade and the interior and mostly made of wood and they are complemented by stone features. The rooms are bright and cozy, with simple but hic interior designs.{found on archdaily}.



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