FriendHouse Hotel by Ryntovt

The FriendHouse Hotel is located on the bank of the Orel river and is surrounded by wildlife. The best part band wood. Shell stone and wood was used to design the construction’s carcass. The house has an apple tree garden and the interiors are done in an extremely stylish manner and the furniture is designed by “RYNTOVT DESIGN”. This house is made in the best natural environment using materials and the house is extremely well designed and made giving it the most sophisticated look.

It’s a really interesting and intriguing hotel. It has a friendly shape, not very different or distinct from the usual traditional designs. But this is not the impressive part. The surprise is inside. The interior design of this place is very unique. The idea was to create a space that looks very simple and that remind people of the natural shapes and places that the nature has to offer. It’s like being in a very modern cave. Actually, it reminds me of an episode of Tom & Jerry where Jerry was living in a very big block of cheese and he had a similar structure with this one.

The décor is minimalist, with just a few furniture pieces. The furniture is made from natural materials, which in this case in wood. All the pieces have a natural color This is a really unique hotel design. It would be a unique experience spending some time in there.

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