Freight containers turned into an architectural masterpiece in Berlin

As you know, lately more and more architects and clients have decided to use unusual materials for the homes they create. Shipping containers have become very popular materials for such projects. There are numerous examples of homes and even hotels made of such containers. But in order for such a project to be successful, the design also has to have a strong visual impact. This particular building definitely has what it takes to stand out.

This project was the creation of Berlin-based architects and interior designers Graft Lab. It was called the Platoon Kunsthalle project and it was completed in 2012. The main elements used for this construction were a series of freight containers. They were given a modern twist and they were used to create this architectural beauty.

The newly-built structure has a contemporary design. It’s a space that was designed to host art projects, workshops and all sorts of other similar events. It’s an experimental space for artists where they can exercise their creativity. The structure can be found in Berlin and it’s a place where contemporary creativity can be developed.

In this unique building can be hosted all sorts of events such as exhibitions, workshops, lectures, discussions, graphic design, performances, fashion events, digital art, music, film and political interventions. It has been built using 34 standard freight containers and it’s a modular structure with a flexible internal structure and design.

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The project received the Korean Architecture prize in 2009, the RedDot Award in 2010 and the Designprize of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2011.This project is a great example of what creativity can create. It’s a one-of-a-kind structure and it’s also something to inspire many other projects. It’s also a great use of unusual and unexpected materials along with clean and simple lines and minimalist beauty.



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