Forest Residence Fully Adapts To A Challenging Plot And Scenery

Situated in a pine forest, on a site with a height difference of six meters, this residence is trully a one-of-a-kind structure. It was a project by HILBERINKBOSCH architects and it can be found in Ultrechtse Heuvelrug, in The Netherlands.

Given the unusual structure of the plot, the clients and the architects agreed that this would have to be a living house able to adapt to the landscape and the height difference. The plot features dense vegetation towards the street, a large open space in front and a pine forest at the back.

The living room, the kitchen, the home office, master bedroom, library and the roof terrace are situated on the first floor. Because this level is situated on top of a sand dune, it shares a special connection with the forest as one can walk straight out.

The dining room is very welcoming. The wooden flooring gives it a warm glow while the brickwork, the pendant lamps and the artwork all work together to create a pleasant ambiance. The result is complete harmony.

Some rooms are situated in the dune and on the ground level. These areas include the guest rooms and the pool which is enclosed on three sides by large sliding doors.

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The floors communicate through an enclosed core that contains an elevator, stairs as well as the backdoor. The main entrance feature a beautiful spiral staircase with soft, undulating lines.

The architects used concrete to highlight the connect with the dune. The color palette includes beige, orange and green which were nuances inspired by the pine trees.

Vertical wooden slats of varying widths and colors form the facades. Elements such as expansion joints and metal trims have been left out, allowing the building to connect to its surroundings in a natural way.



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