Floating contemporary residence in Fukushima

Today we’re going to take a look at an unusual but very interesting house. It’s a residence located in Fukushima, Japan that has an intriguing design. the house was designed by no.555 Architecture. It sits on a relatively large site surrounded by some trees and several other houses. The residence belongs to a young man whose parents live very close, in one of the houses in the back.

He wanted to have his own place but he also wanted to be close to his parents. As a result he decided to build his own house right there.This way he has the privacy he always wanted and he’s also close to his family when needed.Unlike the other residences in the area, this one has a striking contemporary design. It features an interesting structure and it seems to be floating above the ground.

The site on which the house was built originally included a garden and the new owner decided to preserve that. However, it’s no longer a garden but a sort of green alley that separates the house into two volumes. It’s an unusual but interesting design.

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The green alley divided the house into two volumes. One of them is a private area while the other is for social gatherings and public space.The house is also higher than most buildings so it benefits from panoramic views over the whole neighborhood and forest near-by.{found on architezer}.



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