Five unusual accomodations around the world

Living in a traditional, standard residence is no longer enough for some people. When we say traditional we’re referring to the architectural style but to the traditional idea that we have about a house, that of a building with 4 walls, windows and a variable number of rooms. As you might have noticed, people started to get creative and to come up with new ideas about what we commonly call a home. Here are just five examples.

1. A church turned into a town house.

Not everyone would enjoy living in a church but, when you think about it, it could be rewarding. After all, it’s just a building like any other. This church is located in Utrecht, Netherlands and was converted into a modern town house in 2009.

It has an original design and a balanced interior décor. The church was originally built in 1870 in a little more than 7 months. It originally also had a tower that was later demolished in 1889 due to its too heavy foundation{found on}.

2. The Giraffe Manor from Nairobi, Kenya.

You probably never even thought about this but someone had this idea of creating a space where people and giraffes could have breakfast together. The Giraffe Manor is the only place in the world where you can do that. It’s a historic building, originally built in the 1930s and it’s located in Nairobi, Kenya. The manor is often visited by 8 resident Rothschild giraffes that like to greet guests in the mornings and evenings and maybe even get some snacks. It’s a destination where you know you’re going to have a unique experience.{pictures from on wimdu}.

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3. A Scottish holiday home built into the hills.

What could get you closer to nature than a home that it actually part of the landscape? This holiday home was designed by an award-winning architect who wanted to shed a new light on the concept of living in the middle of nature. The 1.540 square feet house has a large open plan and includes a drawing room, a dining area, a large kitchen, a large bathroom with sauna and shower, a second bathroom and three additional rooms. It features large windows that provide panoramic views. Inside, it has under floor heating and a minimalist, modern décor.{found on wimdu}.

4. A cozy Bethlehem cave.

If you’ll ever want to spend Christmas in Bethlehem where the legend says that baby Jesus was born, then you might also want to try to revive the experience of those times. For those curious, there is one place where time seems to have stopped. It’s a cave setting with full facilities that sits on a farm. The guests are offered three meals and the opportunity to admire the local wildlife with tortoises, eagles and sunbirds but also to learn about the local community.{found on wimdu}.

5. The restored Harlingen Harbour Crane.

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We have seen that it is possible to live in a lighthouse or on a boat but living in a crane is something that most people would never think of. If you’re curious about the experience you can visit the Harlingen Harbour Crane. It was built in 1967 and has been restored and renovated. It has become usable since September 2003. The maximum height you can reach is 49 m above average flood water. The crane can accommodate four people and it is expressively forbidden to receive visitors regardless of who they are. Also, for reasons of safety, pets are not allowed.{pictures from wimdu}.



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