Fishers Island House in New York

Fishers Island House designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners seems to be the embodiment of  heaven. If you have ever tried to imagine  heaven, then it definitely must have some  of the parts this unique place has. The surrounding gardens and woods are definitely the perfect place in which you forget all your  worries and problems, relax and enjoy every second spent here.

The building deserves to be situated here, thanks to the exceptional balance created between the house and nature.  It is the living proof of an ambient of extraordinary 20th century paintings, sculptures and glassware. What else could you want? The architectural element is characterized by subtlety, but the most significant aspect is the animated interplay between landscape and art.

The wide glass windows offer at least two magnificent perspectives: one over the exterior, over the incomparable landscape that nature provides,  the other over the interior, over the colorful indoor collection. Both perspectives educate and cultivate the mind and soul at the same time and it is impossible not to be impressed.

The surrounding environment is perfect in its beauty and simplicity , while the house is the designer’s merit, but both project their presence on the other. The whiteness and elegance of the kitchen speak for themselves and the view provided by the kitchen window leaves you speechless. This place  is definitely a corner of heaven!

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