Finnish 96 sq.ft Micro-cabin

For the true nature enthusiast who love spending as much tine surrounded only by wilderness there is a Finnish example that can be embraced by many of you. I am personally a guy that doesn’t like society very much at least not how it turned up so far and I don’t necessarily need to be within some imposed standards to feel alive of be appreciated. In the woods covering most of Finland there is a micro-cabin that officially doesn’t exist on papers and don’t get me wrong, it is all completely legal.

Finnish building regulations says that you will need a permit and a lot of authorizations if you want to build something that is larger than 96 to 128 square feet, depending on the district. This cabin has exactly 96 square feet and it is not under anybody’s radar. Far away from the bureaucratic stuff this place features a small ground floor lounge/living area, kitchen and bathroom and on “first floor” the owner arranged it for sleeping and storage.

In addition to that space there is an extra deck surrounded only by great views and tranquil surroundings. On one side of the cabin a large window was mounted so the interior could benefit as much as possible from the natural light. If you like a minimalist living a micro-cabin like this one in the middle of nowhere could work great for you too.{found on tnl}.

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