Find your peaceful moments in Grafitti House

In this crowded world, full of changes and in a continuous movement, everybody is in search of some peaceful moments, a place where you can relax and feel comfortable. Sometimes the daily problems seem to overwhelm you that you even forget to have a break and relax. It is even better if your living place can offer you these moments. Thus you will have another reason to come home fast and take advantage of your own oasis of relaxation.

Grafitti House located in Playa Gaviotas, Peru and designed by Gomez de la Torre & Guerrero Arquitectos is such kind of place. It is a contemporary building where steel, stone and glass are the main materials that reflect the beauty, comfort and strength of this place.The two levels of the building are connected by a central staircase which can take you to beautiful and comfortable place which is the retractable roof and terrace.Here you may enjoy, the views, the swimming pool and all the comfort that such a modern construction can offer you.



All the interiors are dominated by grey, black and red accents which add elegance and a refined style to them. The red and black kitchen, the grey and red living area or the white and black terrace are just some examples to make you an idea of the elegant combination of nuances that has been used for all these spaces.

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Still, it is called Grafitti House and perhaps the reason is related to the huge graffiti portrait that can be admired on the inner hallway. It is an eye-catching element which brings the idea of art and sensitiveness.



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