Feel closer to seaside in this East Hampton cottage

July is considered the peak moment of the departures to the seaside. It is the period when everybody is on vacation, is free, kids and adults too. At every corner you hear nothing but sea, sunbath, blue sky, waves, water, hot sand and entertainment, of course.

Patricia and Jeffrey Fisher wanted to feel all these things closer and succeeded to transform their old 1920s cottage located in East Hampton into a lovely and relaxing home place. Thus the cute cottage suffered many transformations which were meant to make it become spacious, with more light inside and look fresher.

Most of the rooms are white and blue with some grey, green or sandy accents. Patricia Fisher tried to keep the original ambiance of the original house but bring a fresh air and some modern additions too. The spacious bedroom with its large bed keeps the same white and blue combination of colors. The small windows are covered by the white and blue curtains, the bedding is also a white and blue combination, near the bed there is a round table with a white and blue tablecloth.

Here everything has a vintage appearance but the looks fresh. The large living room has a French cherry library table surrounded by sofas and chairs of a sandy nuance and where a 1800s Swedish grandfather clock is present too. The vintage style is preserved for the bathroom too where a little bit of grey and a dark brown wood floor seem to add a dramatic air.

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In the kitchen the dark wood dinner table is the only item that makes exception of the white and blue combination. On the outdoor terrace the wicker pieces of furniture and the white and blue nuances make you dream more of a hot sandy beach and the blue water of the sea. The swimming pool in front of the terrace makes even the dream look more real inviting you to a cooling bath!{found on traditionalhome}.



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