Fashionable one storey house by Parsonson Architects

Most of people among us always prefer to lead very trendy life style by purchasing modern gadgets, ultra model vehicles and highly fashion dresses. Just think how fantastic it would be, if you can own a trendy home too in a heavenly atmosphere. Then this one storey house plan by Parsonson Architects is a first and best selection.

The fashionable one storey house is very exclusive model than any other type of home.  The shelter of the one storey house by Parsonson Architects is made up of Macrocarpa and grooved iron walls differentiating it from other ordinary homes.

Such a dream home is located in landscape with large surrounding space.  This New Zealand’s house is of dark exterior but very habitable inner space to make each and every moment a refreshing experience. Such a large size of one storey house is blissful space for a peaceful life.


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