Fashionable Farmhouse Building in Norway

This amazing farmhouse building was constructed to replace the old derelict barn. Now the building features a small apartment, fitness and sauna room, and double garage with storage area. The old saddle roof has been replaced by three pitched roofs, thereby creating extra space on the upper level of the house.

The exteriors of the building are done in natural stone for a sober look, whereas the interior’s boast mix of silver varnished panels of wood and oak flooring. A lot of insulted materials have been used in the construction process in order to make the fantastic farmhouse energy efficient.

This is not the usual farmhouse seen in that area. It’s the modern version of that. Actually, I’m not even sure why it’s called a farmhouse. It has a fitness room and a sauna room. That’s something you usually find a spa or in a modern holyday home. Still, it’s an interesting house. It can be fund in Norway, in a very beautiful area with beautiful natural surroundings, beautiful landscape and very impressive views.

It’s a quite big house. It’s perfect for a small family that likes to live in fresh and isolated areas like this one. It must be a very nice location. It’s quiet and relaxing. The interior is as modern as the exterior. It’s simple and elegant. It seems like a very functional house.{SKAARA Arkitekter AS}

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