Fascinating Residence in São Paulo, Brazil

The site of this magnificent piece is on top of hill, amongst the many trees that are in São Paulo, Brazil. The foundation sets the house to spread across like a bar and is seen like a point of attraction in the city landscape. Created as a research trial of architecture, the house makes out an abstract impression of a filter. The shade given off therefore by the house is meant to be one of effect.

Large windows and balconies adorn the house, making it a wonderful place for sightseeing, as you watch the Octavio Bridge across. All this happens without necessarily distracting the ambience that is formed.

As one watches through the windows that stand out in pure crystal glass, one cannot help but notice the idea of continuity that these same windows join together. Behind this watch are found the ever entertaining TV room, dining and other domestic appliances. { Drucker Arquitetura }


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