Fantastic Nature Retreat by Marico Kogan

Who does not want to live lavish lifestyle with full of luxurious amenities? The BR House is designed by Marico Kogan an Brazilian architect who designed this house in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The interior decor of this house is completely attractive and gives it elegant look. This house is equipped with all luxurious facilities to enjoy. You can have the best views of the sceneries of the natures which give peace and relaxation. You will get all comforts here in this house. The outside décor of this house is completely covered with the glass and sceneries of the nature. Inside the house there is big hall which is equipped with long couch and other rooms have their own furniture. This house is made of world class materials. The architect of this house mainly emphasizes to make it very luxurious house to have all comforts here. There are more nature views available and you can create close relationship with nature in this house.


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