Fantastic Holiday Home In Norway Splits Into Two Branches With Stunning Views

When you’re designing or building a holiday home, the location is extremely important. It usually tells you exactly how to structure and orient the house. To show you exactly how important the surroundings are, let’s take a look at this unique holiday home. Located in Havsdalen, Norway, the Split View Mountain Lodge was designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter.

Situated in an area populated with ski resorts, this holiday home offers the most excitement during the winter season. It has a straight-forward, interesting design.

The house includes four bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a lounge area and a play area for the kids situated on the mezzanine level. The exterior is very simple and featuring a continuous skin of timber cladding on the walls and roof. The main volume consists of mainly bedroom spaces and it splits into two living zones. Each one offers wonderful views.

The kitchen is at the core of the house, in the area where the separate volumes branch off from the main body. The living and dining areas are situated on elevated levels and offer some more privacy. They also have floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow panoramic views to be admired. Smaller openings throughout the house also let the inhabitants see the beautiful surrounding landscape but on a smaller scale.

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