Family residence with two seperate entrances

When it comes to family residences the demands are bigger because you know this is the place where you are going to spend all your relaxation time, where you are going to see your children grow and where you will be welcomed every day by a loving wife. You probably want a big beautiful house for you and your family, with all the technological facilities, made with the best materials. The outdoor space is also very important because you surely want a safe beautiful space for you to relax and your children to play.

But sometimes, after a few years, you realize that what you have already built isn’t enough. The next residence is a great example of how you can expand your living property without messing with the already existing architecture. The project was made by KBG Architekten and put in practice with a house from Oldenburg, Germany. The solution that the architects found was to create in the same garden two independent retreats, each having separate entries.

Each part has its own bedrooms, baths and studies. The two bodies are united by a joint which has living and dining areas. In which concerns the design, the house has a classy contemporary design also inside and outside. The interiors are large, simple and bright which makes you feel very comfortable and gives you a happy feeling. The façade is made from wood panels walls which allows to the house to match better with the natural environment.

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