Family Home With A Fresh and Casual Design Approach

Finding the right balance when designing a family home is important and often very difficult. This is a space that needs the right amount of casualness and elegance, that has to be inviting and cozy but also fresh and airy, to look sophisticated but to also be playful and comfortable. A successful example in this sense is the AA House, a family residence located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

AA House back yard

AA House pool side area

The residence was a project developed by Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos. This is a studio founded in 2010, representing a partnership between two experienced professionals with a passion for architecture. They were both inspired by the craftsmanship of their parents and they continuously express that through numerous projects with diverse themes.

AA House entrance gate

The AA House is a representation of simplicity and casual modernism. Its facade is accentuated by metal louvers, highlighting the strong and seamless connection between indoor and outdoor. The back of the house opens onto a back yard with a geometric pathway and a swimming pool at the back.

AA House wood divider on hallway

The ground floor houses the recreational spaces such as the kitchen and lounge space. The volume opens to the exterior, eliminating physical barriers on this side of the house. There are actually two distinct areas, the distinction between them being made by the flooring.

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AA House separation between indoor and open spaces

The internal spaces feature wooden floors which give them a warm and comfortable look. Sliding doors separate them from the adjacent areas which are part of the same floor plan, under the same roof, but are fully opened to the exterior. These spaces have tiled floors.

AA House fabric sofa

Both zones share a chic, casual, modern and bright look. The Ploum fabric sofa with its soft curves and compact form gives the internal living space a very cozy and inviting look. The color allows it to stand out and to become a focal point for the space.

AA House circle chair near sofa

The sofa is complemented by a Circle Chair and a graphical coffee table, both having the role of establishing a casual and stylish décor.

AA House indoor social area with armchairs

AA House framed glass wall

In a different context, the Moel armchairs add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space, thanks to their curved, high back and armrests. Fabric upholstery was chosen for all the furniture in the house and the colors selected are bold, fresh and vibrant without overwhelming the décor.

AA House kitchen and dining

AA House dining area

An iconic lounge chair and its matching footstool give the home office an elegant look. The décor is very pleasant and balanced, considering the geometric print on the area rug and the way the colors contrast with the dark wooden floor.

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AA House poufs in lounge area

AA House upper floor staircase landing

The upper floor houses the private areas of the house. The bedrooms open to the garden, featuring sliding glass doors that connect them to an open terrace running the entire length of the facade. The décor is simple and featuring the same characteristics as the social areas.

AA House master bedroom

AA House lounge chair in office

The master bedroom and the home office and one and the same space. There are no barriers between them. Instead, these spaces dialogue in a very natural and harmonious way. The wall-mounted nightstands maintain an airy and open feel throughout, emphasized by other matching elements.

AA House kid bedroom

The bathrooms share their own special connection with nature. The earthy colors, natural materials and beautiful contrasts have their own special roles.

AA House main bathroom

AA House main bathroom louvers

The main bathroom is particularly spacious. The marble floor and walls are complemented by a white ceiling and a large wall mirror. The vanity is wall-mounted and the only source of warmth, thanks to its wooden construction.

AA House main bathroom tub

A freestanding Morphing bathtub mixes black and white in an elegant and simple fashion, coordinating with the rest of the space and maintaining its overall airy and spacious look.

AA House smaller bathroom



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