Fairy Tale House Built In Thailand In Only 6 Weeks

The story of this unusual house is quite interesting. It can be found in Thailand, in an area surrounded by vegetation. It’s a 500 square foot structure shaped like a dome and it looks very mysterious. It was built using mainly materials from the vicinity of the site and the whole process took only 6 weeks. The idea was to create an unconventional structure that would stand out from everything else and the man behind this project is Steve Areen.

The tranquil and magical house is however powered by conventional sources. Still, it’s naturally cooled and lit during the daytime thanks to the cutouts in the roof. The house is shaped like a dome and the idea behind the design was to create an organic-looking structure that would perfectly integrate into the landscape. The bedroom features a grass roof and the bathroom is filled with plants and it has a bamboo faucet.

The exterior of the house was painted a terracotta color and this allows it blend in with the tropical fauna. Small ponds can be seen in the vicinity of the house and this gives the whole property a fairy-tale like look. The atmosphere there is very serene, tranquil and quiet, making this home a perfect getaway and a unique relaxation spot. The design itself is a perfect reflection of the concept behind this whole project.

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