Fairy- Tale Casa Batllo by Antoni Gaudi

Once we all were children and we were in love with all kinds of fairy tales. Some of us loved the stories with princes and princesses; others liked the ghost stories, the stories of adventures with pirates or other fantastic characters. Here we have found a magic world where we have learned to make the difference between good and evil or right and wrong, where everything has been possible and has become our own universe.

If you want to remind you of those magic moments of your childhood, you can take a look at this fairy tale Casa Batllo, located in Barcelona.Restored and remodeled by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, Casa Batllo was named locally the House of Bones. Its design looks like a skeleton, the materials used and its shape imitate the structure of bones. The designer’s intention was also to avoid the use of the straight lines and this type of design seemed perfect for this building.

Its façade is decorated with a mosaic made of colorful broken ceramic tiles. Everything is full of color and has a fairy tale design and that remains to you is to take look and enter and enjoya wonderful and magic land of fairy tales.

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