F2 House in Australia from Donovan Hill

Keeping it natural is a key for many modern clients and this F2 House, located in 30 Bamberry Street Fingal, Australia and finished by Donovan Hill will tell us the benefits of doing so. One of them which please me is the natural aesthetic value and when you go through the images of this house, you will come to understand what I am talking about.

The apparent boundaries of the house have been manipulated and we do not have a problem with that as it brings ‘more nature’ into the dwelling area and hence more life. What we also like is the utilitarian finish of the house making it one of the most beautiful and nature loving houses in the fullest manner.

It’s a very refreshing home, mainly because of the location and the great amount of natural elements surrounding the house. It makes great use of what nature has to offers, incorporating all the elements in the design. The result is beautiful and the image is amazing. It’s a very nice combination between artificial structures and natural elements and the way they manage to work together is great. The exterior design is modern, interesting but not over the top. It’s quite simple but still imposing. The interior however is more colorful, refreshing and relaxing. It’s a beautiful mansion and it’s located in a very beautiful area.

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