Eye-catching Villa in Rotterdam

This contrasting and eye-catching residence is Villa Rotterdam. It’s an unusual house located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The house was designed by Eva Pfannes & Sylvain Hartenberg from Ooze. It sits on a large site that also includes a small lake. The total site area is 2,500 square meters. The whole project was completed in 2010.The villa is actually composed of several structures. It includes an original building that dates from the early 20th century. A first extension of this structure was built in 1991. In 2003 it got a final restructure when it also got three new rooms and several facilities. Immediately after that the new owner moved in. The original structure of the villa was not exactly functional or efficient. Even so, the new owner decided to preserve the spirit of the old house. Another extension also needed to be created.

The only possible expansion was from two side walls of the original house. The maximum height was 11 meters. The architects used the original structure as a guide line for the new project. They also reshaped the house and created new spaces for the inhabitants. The villa is currently organized around a central void. A new staircase was added on the north wall. It provides access to the first and second floor.

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The architects decided to use prefabricated solid timber panels to create the new so called skin of the house, meaning the roof, the walls and the floor. The exterior of the house resembles a puzzle. The interior is similar to this one as well. There are several new elements that relate to the old ones. The transition between these two opposite worlds is gradual and smooth.{found on archdaily and pics by Jeroen Musch}.



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