Eye-Catching Library Built From Recycled Shipping Containers

The fact that shipping containers can be used to make all sorts of structures and even homes is not news anymore. But it’s still always fun to see what people have been building with these structures and to see new ways in which they can be used. Today we’re going to take a look at a very dynamic and colorful project. This structure is a library and it was designed and built by Surabaya-based firm Dpavilion Architects.

The library is very colorful and has a very eye-catching design that distinguishes it from everything else in the area. it can be found in Batu and it’s been built from eight recycled shipping containers. It’s a wonderful way of reusing things and also a very cost-efficient strategy. Each container costs 820 USD. Using shipping containers to make a library was actually a very nice choice. They have been traveling all over the world and now they hold books that let our imagination take us far away.

The goal for this project was to create an educational facility in order to improve the quality of life for the locals. The library holds over 6,000 books. The shipping containers each have a distinct color. Each colored box has a different function. For example, the blue one holds the entertainment and popular books and the red ones are a reading terrace filled with science and technology books. The yellow container is a reading room for women and the green one is the main lobby.

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The colors are very bold and they make the library stand out. It’s definitely an eye-catching landmark in the area and its design was also meant to start the transition from the rural to the urban context and to slowly make room for progression and change. It’s definitely a very creative way of doing it.



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