Eye-catching contemporary facade residence in Argentina

Casa Besares is a contemporary residence located in Mendoza, Argentina. It was a project by Arquinoma and the design is quite interesting. The front façade is particularly eye-catching. Notice how tall and narrow is the entrance. It’s a very unusual feature but it’s something that is in perfect harmony with the rest of the residence. The building itself has a geometrical shape. Moreover, all the other features such as the windows and the door have similar shapes and create a beautiful mix.

The exterior of the house is completely white. It’s a color that has a modern look and goes really well with simple and clean structures such as this one. Since the house is tall and has a relatively narrow façade, the white exterior makes it seem a little bigger than it actually is and thus create a compact image. The windows of this residence don’t follow a pattern. They all have different sizes and shapes. The front façade features a large glass surface on the lower level. It’s a strategic choice that allows light to go inside and illuminate the social areas. It’s also an element that brings the interior and exterior spaces closer together.

The size of the windows varies from very large to very small and they are placed on different levels. It was a personal choice influences by multiple reasons among which the design played an important role. Inside the colors maintain the same simple and clean image from the exterior. The walls and ceilings are white, the wooden floors have a beautiful natural color and the furniture is simple and mostly neutral. Accessories and details such as the artwork from the walls and decorative elements scattered all over the place add a touch of boldness and some pattern into the décor.

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