Extravagant House by Marcio Kogan

Sao Paulo-based architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27 has done it again. The Cobogo House is a superb single family residence that will surely catch your eye. A piece of luxurious, natural and comfortable architecture, this residence is a first class property.

Nominated for an award in the house category in the World Architecture Festival, this house is an outstanding contemporary piece. The architect wanted to create an extravagant place where the exterior part is equally, if not more important than the interior. The exterior was designed to incorporate privacy and serenity. Moreover it features something that will leave you speechless, a wildlife garden.

The house’s focal point is the authentic sculptural, light-diffusing screens by American sculptor, Erwin Hauer. The crisp plaster exterior is contrasted with rectangular bands of wooden planks. At night, the patterned elevation creates the effect of a glowing jewel box when illuminated by the inner bedroom’s lighting. On the other hand, the interior is very spectacular as well. It presents big spaces, filled with modern furnishings with a delightful lavish feel.

The Cobogo House is a sanctuary to retreat to. It has all you need to relax and entertain family and friends. Whether you prefer the pool, the patio area or the cool of the interior, you will find a luxurious, chic house.

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