Extension to an Edwardian semi-detached house with a modern back yard

London based architect Peter Thomas de Cruz has designed a beautiful extension to a superb Edwardian semi-detached house. Looking from the street there’s nothing different from the houses near it, because the whole “action” takes place at the back of the building and back yard.  It is a daring project and an architectural challenge to attach a modern extension to an already incredible beautiful classic building.  The idea probably came as a desire to extend the modern interior in the back yard, and if indeed this was the idea  the space created , at least the outside  area looks more like fancy lobby on a hotel than an outside garden. The materials used are by definition modern, both by style and manufacturing process.

Also modern furniture can be found inside the traditional living area but also in the newly created space. As challenging as it was the result is amazing. This household is basically a true architectural wonder, almost like a piece of artwork carefully covered in a protective classic shell.

The Edwardian building structure and façade adds to the wonderful modern interior a certain noble feel, placing the building  among a few other construction that represent the true heritage of London’s greatest times. This exquisite design is even more highlighted thanks to the incredible quality, of the materials and execution. Everything is spotless and shiny, the owners managing to create the perfect combination of comfort and style, with a tremendous family air and  sense of  balance.

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