Extension of a 19th century house by Donaghy & Dimond Architects

This small house was originally built in the 19th century. Over the years, its owners built several extensions in an effort to make it more spacious. However, they recently concluded that the house was not as functional and well-structured as they would want it to be and decided that it was time for a new remodel. They put Donaghy & Dimond Architects in charge with this new project.

The client’s request was to build a new kitchen, living and bedroom. It would have to be an extension to the split level terraced house. The architects completed the project in 2011. This lovely house, located in Portobello, Dublin, Ireland, now has a beautiful design and a new structure. In order to be able to build the extension, the architects first had to strip away any previous elements and to recreate the whole house. They preserved the wall to the rear laneway and the structures arranged around the courtyard garden. The existent walls provided support for two roof elements, with the lower edges connected to a timber box that also collects the rainwater from the rear of the house.

The architects carefully chose the materials for this project as to seem as natural as possible and to blend with the surroundings. The house is surrounded by a lovely garden and has a beautiful backyard. The house has a very simple look. It’s a combination of concrete, wood and glass and the result is modern but also nostalgic.{found on archdaily and pics by Ros Kavanagh}.

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