Extension of a 1930′s Residence in Melbourne by Marc Dixon

This expansive residence is located in Melbourne, Australia. It a modern-looking house but in fact it dates from the 1930s. Of course, it has been renovated over the years. The last modification made was a project by Marc Dixon and it involved the alteration of a 2-bedroom extension of the house.The project was demanding and it was created by a team formed of Rosanna Ceravolo – Pablo Byass – Adrian Rivalland Builder – Canterbury and builders engineer Shane Ford Contracting P/L.

The extension was small and centered around an external courtyard desk. This area is a link between the main house and a detached studio. The client didn’t have many requests. The client basically requested for the architects to “bring the toilet in and move the kitchen out”. It was a simple task that also allowed them to explore the courtyard’s typology.

The project also involved an upgrade to the extension. Part of that process also involved the addition of a new kitchen, a dining, laundry and some bathroom areas into the courtyard. This basically responds to the client’s main request. The project was limited to the rear of the house where all the alterations and additions took place. The main body of the house remained completely intact. The new area has been designed to contrast with the existing residence.{found on archdaily}.

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