Extension and remodel of a Dublin residence by Donaghy & Dimond Architects

The owner of this house used to live here but, at one point, he decided to live. When he realized that this was his dream home all along, he came back and decided to also remodel and extend the house. He asked Donaghy & Dimond Architects for help with this project and the team managed to complete everything in 2011.

The current residence consists of an originals structure of 96 square meters and an extension of 16 square meters. The residence is located in Dublin, Ireland. Some major changes had to be made. One of them was the transformation of both the house and the garden. The two areas are now connected and include an open social area that includes the kitchen, dining and living room. The kitchen features polished concrete counters and has a design that creates a seamless transition towards the garden.

The extension has large windows and an upper level that allows views of the St. Patrick Cathedral. What’s particularly interesting about this project is the fact that there’s a continuous contrast of old and new. The original structure was remodeled but preserves most of its features and charm. On the other hand, the extension also tries to continue that image with the use of brick walls for the garden and simple materials for the actual building. The materials interact beautifully and the result is a nice blend between these styles.{found on arhdaily}.

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