Extended and remodeled residence in Brisbane by Shaun Lockyer Architects

We have shown you several beautiful residences that were designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects, most of them located in Australia. This one is no exception. However, this residence was a remodel project. it’s located in Brisbane, Australia and had to be substantially remodeled and it also needed to be extended.

The house had been previously renovated but structurally it still needed serious changes. Sitting high on the hill in Taringa, the house was a Queenslander. The clients decided to once again attempt to remodel the house in an effort to better connect the indoor and outdoor areas. The property had a series of splendid gardens and not being able to admire and fully enjoy them would have been a big mistake. Another request was to improve the light and air quality within the house.

While respecting there requests, the architects also added a car accommodation area to the front of the property and this also gave them the opportunity to establish a more imposing entry space. The entrance is now made through a contemporary landscaped terrace with wonderful views of the city. Most of the changes, however, were made on the inside. Several walls have been removed, a series of skylights was added and the house also got new timber joinery and cabinetry. The interior has also been fully redecorated and it’s now a more functional space.

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