Exquisite Hollywood Mansion Captures The Picturesque Views Of The City

Located in Hollywood, California,  and designed by McClean Design, this modern mansion takes full advantage of the views and captures them in a unique and luxurious design. It’s a one-of-a-kind home with lots of interesting features.

Of course, the views being so spectacular, the design had to be adapted to this detail. As a result, the living area features huge glass walls and sliding doors that open onto a patio.

The cord-hanging pendant lights look like stars on the dark sky. Another wonderful feature is the huge glass wall which allows unobstructed views in the corner of this spacious lounge area. The infinity pool adorns the patio with its sleek mood lighting.

The open space kitchen features a big island which creates a visual barrier between the cooking zone and the sitting areas. There’s a very nice symmetry between the indoor and outdoor design and the way the furniture is placed.

Not all rooms capture the views in such a straight-forward manner. Spaces like this dining room are a little more private yet still open to the exterior. The chandelier above the dining table is glamorous and suits the simple and casual décor perfectly.

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The staircase which leads upstairs is very nicely hidden behind this dark wall. It connects to the outdoors through the glass wall. The modern and abstract sculpture decorating the wall is also an interesting accent piece. The artwork in general is abstract and very elegant in this gorgeous luxury mansion.

The same sculptural elegance can also be seen here, on the terrace adjacent to the bedroom. Here you have floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a beautiful fireplace to adds warmth and cozy appeal to the bedroom and modern patio furniture so you can relax and admire the views.

The mansion also has a gorgeous wine cellar. There’s a bar at its center and shelves on the walls. The shade of gray is very beautiful, especially with the right lighting.

The whole house is stylish and amazing and there are interesting features in every room. This bathroom, for example, has a very nice storage system built into the tub design. Of course, you can ignore the panoramic views.

This would have to be one of the biggest and most stylish dressing room/walk-in closets you can imagine. The long and narrow cabinet goes from wall to wall and there are open shelves and boxes cleverly designed to allow a very organized look without looking bulky.

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A stunning house like this one wouldn’t be complete without a home theater. It’s decorated with shades of gray and a few warmer tones for a simple and modern look. There’s no doubt this is one of the most comfortable-looking rooms in the house.



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