Exposed Structural Elements Give Symmetry To Russian Home

Categorizing this house as being representative for a single particular style would be impossible, although it is obvious it has a strong industrial influence highlighted by a few rustic elements. The residence is located in Rostov, one of the oldest towns in Russia.

Rostov house by Chado central area exposed trusses

Architectural studio Chado chose a symmetrical approach for this project. The house features a social area at the center and two wings that frame it on the sides. The wings are equal in size, one housing the master bedroom and the other one containing two children’s bedrooms.

Rostov house by Chado symmetrical at the center

The symmetry of this design is also emphasized by the exposed structural elements. The exposed trusses and brick walls become major design elements, helping define the project.

Rostov house by Chado symmetrical fireplace

A double sided fireplace connects the interior and exterior areas, being a charming accessory for both the indoor living area and the outdoor terrace to which it is linked.

Rostov house by Chado backyard pool

Rostov house by Chado backyard pool at night

Another element designed to maintain a symmetrical appearance is the backyard pool which is placed in the continuation of the double-sided fireplace.

Rostov house by Chado gabion walls and entrance

Rostov house by Chado gabion wall closeup for contrast

Gabion walls with wood planks at the ends offer an interesting contrast of materials, colors and textures. A similar combination is created I the design of the brick fireplace wall which is complemented by a firewood storage niche.

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Rostov house by Chado fireplace and firewood storage

Symmetry also continues on the interior. In here, the vaulted ceiling features the same type of exposed trusses that define the overhang. They were painted white and they coordinate with the white kitchen cabinets.

Rostov house by Chado view of social area at night

Rostov house by Chado central fireplace in social area

At the center of the house is the social area, formed of an open kitchen, a dining area and the seating space. The fireplace links all these functions together while the glass doors bring in natural light.

Rostov house by Chado living room fireplace

Rostov house by Chado seating area brick walls

Rostov house by Chado seating area

Brick walls define almost every corner of the house. There are, however, contrasts and exceptions. For the hallway the architects chose simple white drywall as a way to brighten up the décor and also to establish a nice balance throughout.

Rostov house by Chado hallway drywall

Rostov house by Chado master bedroom blue accent

The master bedroom is a cozy and inviting room. The wood flooring and exposed brick wall help it integrate into the overall design while elements such as the blue bed and headboard allow it to stand out and to look special.

Rostov house by Chado playroom interior

This room is linked to the pool terrace on one side while on the other it offers access to a walk-through closet leading to the en-suite bathroom.

Rostov house by Chado bathroom tub

Directly across the master bedroom, in a separate wing, is the children’s playroom with doors on either side connecting it to a bedroom and a washroom. All these spaces are bright and welcoming, wood elements being an important part of their décor.

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Rostov house by Chado bathroom shower



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