Expensive new office building in New York

The design of a public office is very important, once for the employees and then also or customers. More than that, usually such an office stands in the center of the city or in a visible part of it, so it architecture must be a way to embellish the city. But the project must be made conform with the already existing buildings.

An incredible office building was constructed in New York, to be more exact, in Soho, after a project made by Wilkinson Eyre Architects. The client, F&C Property Asset Management, paid £9.5 million to renovate a 3,000 sq m building from the 60’s.  The product is amazing and fits the urban environment. The building has glass walls which give a very modern look, and also allow the light to easily pass by. This way, all the interior activity is also very transparent for the large public. Actually, the glass-walls cancel the barrier between the employees and the outside and potential customers.

The building also has an innovative heat and ventilation system. Thanks to it, carbon emissions are minimized, there is more space in the offices and the companies have lower running costs. The delight of the people just passing by this building at night is given by an installation with LED elements which imitates the traditional street railings. The installation covers 20 meters at street level, just to make the pedestrians turn their heads.{found on archdaily}.

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